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How We Work?

Our agency is committed to delivering quick turnaround of your translation and proofreading services guaranteeing superior quality of the finished product. This is done by undertanding the client’s requirements, in-house management, quality assurance, and delivery and feedback.

  1. Recognising the client’s needs

We will assign a project manager to the client as soon as the client is taken on board. This manager will be with the client from the start till the final delivery of the project is made. İn the commencement stage, the manger will examine the client’s documents to ascertain the requirements and give a suitable quotation for the task.  At this stage, a definite delivery time will be given as well. On approval by the client, the documents will be uploaded on the agency’s database and work will start immediately.

  1. In-House Management

Once the document is uploaded, the project manager assigned to the specific project will allocate the job to a suitable translator who has a minimum experience of three years in the required field and is a native speaker iof the target language. While the task is being carried out, the project manager will stay in the loop so as to to ensure a top-class end product and a timely delivery.

  1. Quality Assurance

The next step in the project is proofreading of the translated documents. The project manager now sends the translated documents to a competent professional proofreader, another linguist in the target native language, who polishes the documents by cleaning up the grannmatical errors, if any. The product then goes back to the project manager for his final approval.

  1. Final Delivery and Feedback

Once the finished product is checked by the project manager, the document is sent back to the client for approval. Only after the client’s approval and satisfaction with the end product is the invoice generated and sent.

Quality Assurance

In the unlikely event of any errors pointed out by the client or any changes needed after the delivery of the documents, these too will be taken care of at no further cost till the customer is satisfied.